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Hi everyone! Chloe Beale here, your favorite (and awe-inspiring)
redhead from the Barden Bellas! Now that the ICCA finals have come and gone it's time for this ginger to get her jiggle on!
Don't be shy, I'd love to make some new friends!
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May 23 '13

//I think I will be bringing this account back from the dead soon and finishing this story I had for Chloe.

I NEED A BECA. And a good one at that who will do long replies. Any takers? Message me on waltztothemoon.

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May 23 '13

Anonymous asked:

Omg I just stumbled across your "Long Distance" fic... Who allowed you to do such things to my body?! Totally uncalled for... Soooo, I know it's a one shot, but I can totally imagine a sequel where they would actually meet... I'd seriously looooove to read it, so maybe some day that might be something you wanna do?

//I have no idea when this was sent, but if you happen to see this, sorry to say that I’ll probably never carry that on. Sorry, Anon.

Mar 28 '13

Revenge of the Pitch Slap
By : Claire Highwind

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Mar 8 '13

OOC: Roleplay/Fanfiction Update for this blog:

Everyone in my group is currently MIA and I’m assuming because they all have lives and I do not. SO with the exception of the Chaubrey RP I’m doing, this blog will be pretty inactive till everyone returns to tumblr. I’m no longer posting updates for High School Blues and Barrel of a Gun on here. Follow my personal : callingthehighwind if you want to catch the updates, otherwise it will be on Ao3 (tigersbrokefree).

I miss my group. And I am le sad.

I’m thinking once Spring Break hits, we’ll be back up and more active.

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Mar 8 '13

Anonymous asked:

Are you going to continue that Sendrick fic?

//Negative. I’m guessing you were the anon that asked on my personal blog. Skip ova there for your answer.

Mar 5 '13

cassieh21 asked:

Hey do you know where Beca is? I haven't seen her in a while?

Chloe sighed, “She’s…she’s been caught up with work at the station I think, and maybe a couple projects…I really don’t know. Just busy, I guess.”

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Mar 5 '13

aurorscully asked:

*tackles* love it. love you.

//*hugs your legs and cries* thank you!

Mar 4 '13

“Welcome Home, Have a Storm” - Chloe/Aubrey (revamp) w/pickyourposen


Aubrey held Chloe close as her friend broke down. Yes, she was still a bit weird about Beca, but if Chloe liked her, then there was really no reason to keep being weird about it. She felt anger bubble up in her chest, praying that Beca was not the reason that Chloe was a crying mess in her arms. Aubrey couldn’t stop the sour look on her face at the mention of Brad. She didn’t like the guy in the first place, and she suddenly felt like she was going to have a new reason to despise him.

She held Chloe tighter, listening. Brad hit Beca. Aubrey had wanted to hit Beca many times, but it angered her that a man would take something out on a woman. Her head was spinning, a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach when she realized where this was going. Brad had done something worse than hitting. If he did it Beca, she would maim him. If he had done it to Chloe, they were never going to find his body. “Tell me, Chloe.”

The crawl of her skin set in, causing her to pull away from Aubrey and begin pacing the floor, an arm wrapping around her torso as her other hand covered her mouth. She could feel that ice slipping back in, now her thoughts questioning if she should tell Aubrey. It was hard enough even thinking about confessing to Beca, but the blonde had a temper she couldn’t ignore. Already she couldn’t find a direct route to alleviate this situation and the staked plates of fear kept getting higher.

"He…Aubrey’s he’s i-insane…" Chloe whispered frantically, her steps never slowing, "He b-beat the crap out of Donald…a-and I-I tried to break up with him…but…he…"

A sickening turn rolled in Chloe’s stomach as she stopped near her dresser, resting a hand on the corner as she fought off the vivid memories, already feeling the bile starting to rise in her throat as she looked to her exposed wrist. The bruises where Brad had held her town were seemed darker than ever, a blend of deep purples and blues as Chloe could hear the remnant of screams and cries echo in her mind. “H-He…” she whispered before trying to choke back another sob, only failing as Chloe turned to Aubrey with a look of devastation, a broken expression that stole the luster of her sapphire irises. It was meeting her friend’s concerned expression that brought the distress further, Chloe’s voice hardly able to untangle through her fret, “H-He…made…he made sure I-I’ll never leave him…” she finally declared with a frightened tone. “A-Aubrey…he r-raped…me…” her arm tightened around her torso as she backed up into the dresser, bringing her hands to cover her mouth as the sobs poured out, unrestrained.

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Mar 4 '13

High School Blues - Chapter 14

A/N - YAY! That’s all. Here. <3 

Read More

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Mar 4 '13

“Welcome Home, Have a Storm” - Chloe/Aubrey (revamp) w/pickyourposen


Aubrey wrapped her arms around her friend, holding tightly until she felt Chloe pull back. “I think there are more important questions than how my stupid trip was,” she said, her voice quiet. “It would be stupid of me to ask if you are okay,” she added, the tone of her voice something softer that she only reserved for her friend.

She pulled Chloe to her again, moving to her bed and sitting down. With as tightly as she was holding Chloe, it shocked her that the redhead wasn’t sitting in her lap. “Tell me what’s going on,” she encouraged, her hand rubbing small circles at the base of Chloe’s back. She knew her friend wasn’t herself, and the sight was starting to alarm her.

Chloe dropped her head in back within her hands, “G-God…where do I even start?” she breathed with utter distress, “I…I kissed Beca…I don’t know why I never told you about how I feel about her, and I’m sorry for keeping it from you Brey…I just know you’re still weird about her…”

Taking an unsteady breath, the tears already began to stir, “…everything went to shit after that…” she expressed quietly as she looked to Aubrey, “Beca got freaked out and we ended up getting into this huge fight so…I was being so stupid. I a-agreed to make it official with Brad…the guy I was wasting my time with before you left…and then…”

The brutal memories started pouring into Chloe’s mind vividly as her composure started to crumble. Her thoughts we becoming more disconnected, “…everything just went to Hell…Beca and I kept fighting cause she denied k-kissing me back and then she found out about B-Brad…and when she tried coming b-by while I was with him, I told her to leave because I was so hurt…and next thing I know I’m fighting with Brad cause he’s drunk…I told him to leave and everything started getting so out of control…Beca came back and I guess she said something b-but he hit her! S-She stayed with me that night…but…” a harsh hiccup escaped as Chloe leaned more into Aubrey, hysterics now upon her as she clung to the blonde, tears streaming as her throat tightened.

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Mar 4 '13

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Mar 3 '13

“Welcome Home, Have a Storm” - Chloe/Aubrey (revamp) w/pickyourposen


Aubrey hadn’t wanted to go on a trip, but she knew, as a Posen, she was required to shove her hatred down and put on that perfected smile that kept people from asking questions. She missed her dorm room and the quietness of the library as she studied. She missed her bed and her desk and the feeling of being independent… but mostly, she missed her best friend. 

Chloe was almost her reason for getting out of bed in the morning, just because she didn’t feel like she had to put on the Posen mask. She could be just Aubrey — no fear of being judged or not being good enough. Her phone buzzed, and she waited until she was at a stoplight before reaching for it, reading the text. Her face scrunched up, the message from Chloe sounding very un-Chloe. 

Ten minutes, fifteen at the most. 

She made sure to stick close to the speed limit, only going slightly over as she made her way back to the school. Leaving her bags in the car, she jumped out, locking it as she headed up to their dorm. She let herself in, immediately worried at the position of her friend. “Chloe?”

The sound of Aubrey’s voice seemed alien as she forced a smile, wanting at least a moment of feeling like her old self. With a deepened breath, Chloe pushed up from the mattress, “A-Aubrey!” she tried to sound as cheery as possible. The moment though she met Aubrey’s eyes, quickly Chloe darted her attention as she pulled the blonde into tight embrace, one she was scared to let go.

"G-God…I’ve missed you so much, Brey…" Chloe ushered out almost breathlessly as she held the blonde. "How…how are you? How was the trip?" she asked, again trying to hold her smile.

Only pulling away slight, Chloe met Aubrey’s emerald eyes, trying to escape the blonde’s keen perception as she let go. Tugging on the sleeves of her blue sweater, ensure certain telltale marks remained unseen, Chloe took a step back and sat at the edge of her bed. “The girls have been asking about you…um…things…you know…they haven’t been the same.” That phrase enough forced Chloe’s posture to shrink, as she tucked a loose strand of sunset locks behind her ear.

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Mar 3 '13

“Welcome Home, Have a Storm” - Chloe/Aubrey (revamp) w/pickyourposen

A/N -Set after “Peace Offering”, Chloe confesses to Aubrey what had happened between her and Brad.


Time had lost its meaning since the cataclysmic incident between Chloe and Brad, the entirety now shadowing her life. Though the pieces of Beca and her relationship were slowly being picked up, Chloe still had much to sift through before she could find sanctuary in her life. She wanted to speak with Brad, the following day that came since he had not only laid a hand on her, but lashed out against Beca. Every time she looked into the mirror to ready herself in the confrontation, she froze. Almost as if ice slipped between what little bravery she had left, the moment Chloe’s eyes met her very own, a sharp pain shot through her entire being.

There was so little Chloe could do, she couldn’t fully avoid Brad, every attempt was only Thwarted with a drop of Beca’s name, and a reminder of what would happen. Yesterday, Chloe had sought guidance from the school’s counselor, only to find this woman was in relation to Brad, thus dashing all efforts.

Brad became a layer of dirt she couldn’t cleanse from her skin, a thick coating of filth that not even the purest of water could wash away. She felt toxic, every ounce of her polluted in a suffocating smog that rid her once pure reflection of herself. Even the Bella’s, and Treblemakers had noticed a drastic shift in her disposition, already had assumed that Brad’s influence and arrogant behavior had been the cause. It wasn’t until Chloe had an unprecedented meeting with Donald Whittle, the truth had came out. Even she was surprised that she was graced with such comfort and understanding within someone she prior considered a type of rival. Though Chloe wasn’t directly at fault, she had harbored much guilt after hearing of Brad and Donald’s confrontation. It was a small solace in speaking with Donald, though she felt she owed the Treblemaker more than simple words of an apology. This though, had brought upon a better understand of the two, one she’d never forget.

Now though, Chloe found herself at a lager precipice of confessions. Still, she had yet to tell Beca what had happened, and now that Aubrey was returning her anxiety swelled. It was the missing puzzle piece of her sanity, the friend she had so desperately needed in the midst of this hurricane. 

Taking upon herself to send Aubrey a message, seeing if her friend was drawing closer to their dormitory, Chloe already felt her composition beginning to crumble. She tried her best to choke down the lump, but it was becoming exhausting.

Hey brey….just wondering how close you are?” Came her message, one that didn’t even sound like herself. Immediately after sending it, Chloe sat at the edge of her bed, draping her head within her hands.

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Mar 3 '13

Anonymous asked:

Can you post a link to HSB? :)

//’ere you go, mate! There is a tab for the same link on my main blog. <3 Enjoy! Another chapter will be up soon!
High School Blues

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Mar 3 '13


Excuse while I post this here then go put it on my roleplay blog as a trophy. Do not, and I mean DO NOT ever tell me that my SMUT is terrible. Hope you’re using your tears as lubricant, anon, cause you just fucked with the wrong sexual frustrated fanfiction author. Dicklick.

//some little shit thought it would be funny to insult me over a joke post I made.

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